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Learn and Jam Series

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Get ready to elevate your musical skills and dive into the world of creativity and business! Introducing my "Learn and Jam" sessions starting in January 2024! Join me for a 2-hour session where we will immerse ourselves in the fascinating journey of music. We'll explore both the creative and business aspects, uncovering the secrets behind crafting captivating melodies and successfully navigating the industry. From songwriting techniques to building your personal brand, we'll cover it all! Whether you're an aspiring musician, budding producer, or simply an enthusiast, this experience has something special in store for you. To top it off, we'll end each session with an electrifying jam session! It's the perfect opportunity to put your newfound knowledge to the test, collaborate with fellow music lovers, and let your creative juices flow together. Interested? Let me know you're ready to embark on this musical journey. Limited spots are available, so secure yours now! Let's kick-off 2024 with a bang and take your passion for music to new heights together! More details coming soon.

Online Piano and music Theory lessons

1 free 20 min lessons to get started!

 I will be starting my once a week piano and music theory lessons. If you're interested click the link below to register to get started. This will be only available to the first 8 students who register.

Create, Motivate, & Educate

Education, production, consulting. It's time to take your project to the next level.

Free Artist Expectation Sheet This free pdf will help every serious artist who is pursuing their goals and need help staying on track. Download it now for free! 85.2 KB

Music Consultant Services

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Need Help getting to the next level ? Grammy Nominated Producer, songwriter and musician Donald Robinson will be offering 1-hour music consulting service session for anyone who needs help in putting together a successful blueprint to jump- start your music career in 2020! Learn how to succeed in the music business. These one-on-one consultant sessions (either in person or online) will save you time and money with a step by step strategy. Start today!!

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