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Get Your M.V.R.P. Today!    It's a Music/Video/Recording Package!   

Are you an artist who's been talking about recording your songs and still haven't gotten it done?

Are you an artist who just can't find the right record producer, studio, musicians or video to completed your project?

Are you an artist who feels it's taking you forever to get your project completed?

Are you an artist who knows you have the talent but just can't afford the cost of paying for musicians, a studio, a video, mixing  and mastering your project? 

Are you an artist who can't find a seasoned professional record producer to help you get your project completed without robbing your bank account? 

Good news!!  You've come to the right place at the right time! I'm looking to offer this affordable package to 5 indie artists .   All you have to do is click on this link, fill out a quote request and briefly tell me what your needs are.  But Hurry!! Because of the low low price I can only offer this to the first 5 artists who sign up. After filling out the quote request I'll send you a link for the details, or click this link to register right away.

Every serious indie artist needs a M.V.R.P. that will make you stand out from the rest! Donald Robinson Studios offers this all in one package just for you. Get your music, video and for a limited time -- Extra bonus!!!  -- if you apply before November 2019, I'll add one hour of free music consulting to help you market your product after the music and video are complete.  Fill out the quote request or call Donald Robinson Studios for more info  at 215- 874-7142.

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$75.00 Save 66.67%!

December 2019 Sale Price!! Need Help preparing for the new year!! Grammy Nominated Producer, songwriter and musician Donald Robinson will be offering 1-hour music consulting service session for anyone who needs help in putting together a successful blueprint to jump- start your music career in 2020! Learn how to succeed in the music business. These one-on-one consultant sessions (either in person or online) will save you time and money with a step by step strategy. Start today!!

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Free Artist Expectation Sheet This free pdf will help every serious artist who is pursuing their goals and need help staying on track. Download it now for free! 85.2 KB

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